Maxim Barskiy
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Barskiy (born 1974) has been a member of the board and the CEO of Matra Petroleum AB since 2016. Maxim Barskiy became CEO of Matra Petroleum plc in May 2012. Prior to this Maxim was Acting CEO at the TNK-BP – 10th largest private oil and gas company in the world– a position he held since June 2009. Before joining TNK-BP, Maxim was CEO and a member of the board of directors of West Siberian Resources, an independent oil and gas company with operations in Russia, a business which he grew rapidly during his time there. He has diverse experience in creating and managing businesses, in mergers and acquisitions, business development and investment consulting in Russia, the UK and the US. Mr. Barskiy holds Master degree in Economics at St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics. He also studied at Haas School of Business
 University of California, Berkeley.
Sergey Funygin
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mr. Funygin (born 1968) has been COO of Matra Petroleum AB since 2016. He has over 20 years of broad experience in exploration and production business. Before he joined Matra Petroleum Operating LLC as COO in 2014, he served as adviser to the CEO – Head of Operations and Business Development at Rosneft in South and North America from 2012 to 2013. He also served as President of Venezuela office and Vice-President, Major Projects and Business Development at TNK-BP from 2008 to 2011. Prior to that, he was Project Manager, Strategy and Business Development (Houston, Texas) in ConocoPhillips (2002-2007). Mr. Funygin has a MBA exam from Rice University (Houston, Texas).
Elena Selezneva
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Selezneva (born 1982) has been CFO at Matra Petroleum AB since 2016. She joined Matra Petroleum plc in 2011. Prior to joining Matra, she served as Head of accounting at both Russia Consulting (2008-2009) and Grant Thornton (2005-2008). Ms. Selezneva has over 6 years of experience in O&G industry and is an ACCA qualified accountant.
Igor Indychko
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Mr. Indychko (born 1970) has been CTO at Matra Petroleum since 2016. Hewas appointed CTO of Matra Petroleum plc in June 2012. Prior to joining Matra, he was from 2006 to 2011 Head of Geology and Reservoir Engineering at Alliance Oil Company (previous West Siberian Resources). He has also 15 years of experience from various positions production divisions at YUKOS, primarily in geology and reservoir engineering. Mr. Indychko holds MSc degree of Petroleum Engineer from Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
Andrey Nikishenkov
Head of Business Development

Mr. Nikishenkov (born 1977) has been head of business development at Matra Petroleum AB since 2016. He was appointed Head of Business Developmentat Matra Petroleum Plc in 2012. Prior to his appointment at Matra, he led business development in Alltech’s oil and gas management division. During 2006-2007 Mr. Nikishenkov worked in West Siberian Resources in business development. He has 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is a qualified accountant.His broad experience also includes corporate finance, M&A, transaction advisory and audit services. Mr. Nikishenkov holds a MSc in Economics from the Higher School of Economics and Diploma in Mathematics from Lomonosov Moscow State University.