Matra Petroleum AB owns and operates 170 leases, covering an area of 45,640 net acres in the Panhandle region in Texas, USA. The Panhandle field is located about 15 kilometers north of the city of Panhandle, Texas, and 55 kilometers northeast of the city of Amarillo, Texas. The field is a giant gas and oil producing area covering 200,000 surface acres and draws production from several horizons of Pennsylvanian and Permian age granite wash and dolomite. The vast gas reservoir, known as Panhandle Hugoton field, flanks the areas of oil production and is centered around the city of Pampa in Gray County. By 1994 the oilfields of the Panhandle district had yielded a cumulative total of nearly 1.42 billion barrels of oil and between 1973 and 1993 dry gas production was 8.1 trillion cubic feet.