Leases in Panhandle

Matra Petroleum owns 136 leases located in Texas Panhandle. The leases cover an area of about 38,800 net acres across the counties Carson, Hutchinson, Gray, Moore, Sherman and Hansford.

The leases are located just outside the Borger city limits. Matra has a field office in Borger consisting of clerical employees, production and operations manager, and an area manager, with a head office based in Houston. Matra has one drilling rig and two work-over rigs that currently are operating. In addition, Matra owns four pumpers and one well tester in the field.

Matra Petroleum has some 260 wells on production in the field. In total, the well inventory amounts to 600 wells. The proven reserves are conventional and the reservoirs are located less than 400 meters below ground and the wells are at a depth of between 400 and 1,000 meters below the land surface.

Oil is trucked to the Valero refinery Northwest Moore County in the Texas Panhandle. Produced gas is tied into the DCP pipeline net- work, which is the most extensive system in the area.

Many of Matra’s wells are predominantly perforated in the Moore County Limestone or “White Limestone.” Other intervals of interest for Matra are the Red Cave and Brown Dolomite. The average porosity of the field ranges from 12 to 16 percent in the limestones and dolomites. The Moore County Limestone averages roughly 200 feet thick, while the Brown Dolomite averages 250 feet thick. The average permeability of the field is 25 millidarcies.