Matra Petroleum’s oil and gas reserves are located in one producing field, situated in the following counties in Texas, USA: Hutchinson, Carson, Gray, Moore, Sherman and Hansford Counties. As per 1 June 2016, the proved oil reserves amounted to 12,528 thousand barrels of oil (MBL) and the proved Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) reserves amounted to 62,006 million cubic feet (MMCF). The total reserves amounted to 22,862 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (MBOE).

Total, Proved reserves12,52862,00622,862
Proved, developed and produced1,1526,5582,245
Proved, developed, not produced2,74119,9816,071
Proved, undeveloped8,63535,46714,546

All estimates of reserves have been sourced from the Appraisal report prepared by PeTech Enterprises, Inc. (“PET”) in accordance with the United States Securities And Exchange Commission (“SEC”) guidelines.